About Us

Our story starts with two friends coming together to build a company that helps people live on a path of inner awareness. We wanted to start with an e-commerce store to offer products and content that this audience might like to see in the marketplace.

Sidnei is a Tattoo Artist that works in a famous tattoo shop in San Francisco. He loves creating brand new designs every day to showcase his spiritual creativity. Sean is a small business owner that helps with achieving the strategic goals of the business. We are both very passionate about connecting with people to bring more true happiness to the world. 

Refund policy

We apologize for the inconvenience if you have received a damaged item or would like a refund.  We know how you cherish your items. InnerNature will send you a return shipping label once we receive your request for return along with a picture of the item.  There will be no charge to you.  Please email us at Sean@InnerNature.Store to submit a picture and to request a shipping label for your return.