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My Backyard Jungle is told by a by a young girl who believes there is a scary jungle in her backyard. In the jungle there are some very strange animals; Hippopotamouse, a Chimpanzebra, a Kangaraccoon, an Opossumoose, an Armadilleopard, a Catterpilizard, a Penguiguana, a Rhinocerat and more. This wonderful coloring book has a story characters similar to Where The Wild Things Are with wonderful illustrations that can be filled in with all the colors of your child’s imagination. This story makes a very fun read-along that encourages your child to use their imagination to think of other strange animals. There are several blank pages at the end of the coloring book where your child can create their own strange and wonderful animals. Print out and color to your hearts content. Great for children of all ages

Author, David Ludwick, was born in San José, California in 1957. His father was a Marine Corps officer and as a result, his family moved to various states in the US. David has lived in Virginia, Alaska, Hawaii and California where he decided to make his home. He has a younger brother and sister. He lives in Southern California with his beautiful life partner Gaye.

Travel and outdoor adventure are the main motivators of David's lifestyle. If there is an exciting place to visit for any good reason at all, he will find a way to be there. He has visited most of Asia, West Africa and many other countries in between and has many more on his bucket list.

David is currently working on his new books and helping Gaye with her retail store in Huntington Beach. David has been very active in biodegradable products development for over 20 years. In the past, David has helped numerous businesses succeed through his expert guidance in business development, marketing, expanding sales channels and overall operations. He is a PADI certified SCUBA instructor. David is very active in local volunteer functions which benefit underprivileged kids.

David has published 5 books to date: Aloha Paradise - an adventure novel; If I Were Your King - an insightful political satire; You've Got Joke Mail 1 & 2 - a humorous compilation series of jokes, pithy sayings, etc.; and My Backyard Jungle - a children's story book.

David has 2 grown daughters and 5 grandchildren.

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